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Star-round experience with healing summary 2010-06-07 04:27

aion gold can provide us many equipments for fighting or curing, if we are in danger, and it can make an important effect. We need pay attention to it, and than we must make full use of it. This time I only talk about star-round experience with healing summary, and I hope that can help you.
If the technology and awareness are a necessary condition for a good cure, and then advance preparation, such as equipment, drugs, and other scrolls as well as the choice of god, and with stone is a prerequisite for a good cure. First of all, let us talk therapy equipment selection, positioning the location of cure. We think that cured in accordance with the usual people thinking that the priest, that is the central figure of the treatment team, and here is necessary that the basic properties of equipment use.
Shield defense can increase or reduce the risk of injury, it can increase the defense strength, focus on reducing the risk of skills to be interrupted, while increasing the capacity and increase hit magic damage. Increasing convergence of life and magic are the two extremes, and the concentration and shield against the secondary property is the subject for discussion. Life is the highest point in the game, and I hold it on the first step, because it is necessary to cure viability.
Cure very strong recovery, when your blood is very little time, a treatment plus shield plus an instant, can be full of blood directly. Therefore, as long as you have not seconds off each other, including the boss, you can continue fighting tenaciously. The fight boss, there is indeed a lot of technical skills can escape. But the major premise, the treatment may have many, but there is only one main roof, he fell, then you several main treatment matter how skilled, are furnished. Many times, she looks great skill to be released, but you can not retire, you have to top off. There fore, the viability of the treatment sometimes determines your ability. However, some people feel absolutely no need to hit forty five before the blood stone, to magic by convergence, and I think is totally wrong.

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Useful freestyle information 2010-06-07 04:26

worldedition gold offers equipments for players, it is like money in society, and we can not leave away from it. It is like food, we need eat it every day, and also it improves our ability and energy. You could share a personal profile of yourself whenever intending to create a guild, and also we can improve each other at the same time.
There must be more than self defined ideas to back up your intentions, if at any one point you sound too egotistical, become a braggart, or sound like you are over glorifying yourself, then simply take that into an account as you are lack of ability to trajectory ideas properly. Moving onto more relative topics, suppose you history are as a guild leader, and the first guild of your creation was in the game. Titled Osmium faction you originally began your crusade of recruitment in south East Asia, and after discovering the revival of an American version of cabal online months afterwards, you could carry yourself and the eight some members of sea that decided to join you. You should advertise your guild in American forums and grew somewhat larger before the beginning of even closed beta. Seeing as how you are incapable of playing two versions of the same game at the same time, you assigned leaders, co-leaders, and captains to run the sea faction of your guild. You could maintain yourself as the head advisor of the guild, assisting them in any conflicts that might require your advice.
If you want to cheapest game gold, you can come to have a look, and you will have a good harvest. Hope you have a good time in this game, although it is hard to practice, but it has great interest, because there are different experiences, and you will improve yourself not only your action, but also your character.

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Guardian test 2010-05-31 04:06

aion gold gives us two ways to test guardians, and we can make full use of this chance. This is also my center of this article, I hope it can help you pass this card, and you can do well in this project. Testing guardians have two ways, one can let you know how to reasonable distribution of more than five bugbears, and we need control this range to protect our wet nurse. If you can not do this well, you may lose and no chance to fight.
The second is to fight against bugbears, and I think you can do well if you try best to achieve it. Fighting bugbears need drive MT, but many players have no sense about this demand, DPS comes so quickly without taking care of guards who stand well or no, especially when we fight against god will, and than guard runs scamper. How disappointed am I! According to this satiation, hatred is hard to come, because we lose the most important chance. Custodian is best to wait guards who stand at such a good station, and than he can pull hate after ten to twenty seconds to open rush.
I pull hate is induced to stay angry, the other skills well hate to use gas combined with a balanced block the larger the value of these hate gain the skills to pull hate, because I beat them too low, so the chances of violence can not stop, the storm damage is still very good, and four shield skills are basically anti-trigger all the time CD state. Because it triggered a lot of defense, wet nurse is also very easy, and also can help out the output.
Control some simple ways that can help us catch much time, and also we can avoid some damage. For example, you can make a shortcut, when you are besieged by a large number of monsters, and we can point the shortcut keys, and than the output on the line.

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Gemming a fury warrior 2010-05-31 04:06

wyd gold is the best thing in the game, and it can provide the best place for us to buy the cheapest gold. There is no best way. We can use game gold to buy some equipments which we need use in the fighting, and it need be useful for us. If we are short of experiences, we can ask for players who are in the same team, and they have no request.
For a new eighty, you might need to use gem slots for expertise rating and hit rating. Hit and expertise are very important to all melee DPS. Fury warrior used to go for attack power more, but after some recent changes Strength is the big DPS stat for all warriors. First worry about your Hit and Expertise, Hit cap is one hundred and sixty four with three points into Precision and Expertise is twenty six. Would you like to buy professional? If so, please come here and our website will never let you down. Just feel free to contact us at any time.
After that Gem Strength, until you are able to select some news trinket from H Foss or Grim Troll both of which offer you percent forty nine Arup? Then switch and gem for Arup keeping about 5k Attack Power unruffled. Gem for percent fifty one Arup to be soft capped. After that just make sure that you have the right gems to activate your Meta gem. That being either two blues for the chaotic sky flare or 1 blue and one yellow for the earth siege agility. You can not be more specific, but as you posted on a level one alt, that you are unable to armory you and look at stats and gems. Hope it could help you more or less.

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Curses Information 2010-05-31 04:06

worldedition gold opens a market for us in the game, when we earn enough, we can avoid many problems, and also we can have a good time in the fighting with arms. Of course, during this time, we need learn skills from players who have many experiences, and we can not see it low, or we may lose the chance.
The Warlock has several types of curses, and it is up to the player to decide what the best is for the particular enemy. If you are in urgent need of some game gold, welcome to place orders from us, we will deliver the gold at the lowest price in an instant. Curses can only be cast on the enemy, and you can only have one curse active at a time. The last curse you cast will override the previous curse on the monster. All curses are instant cast, so you typically always cast one before or after your initial slow cast not like Corruption or Immolate.
Curse of Weakness–Damage caused by the target is reduced. This can be useful from time to time when the situation requires it, while you could use this Curse at least. When soloing at low levels, this is probably the Curse of choice, but as your level gets higher, it gets less useful and your other Curse options become better.
Curse of Recklessness–Increases the damage of the target, but reduces their armor greatly. This is a good group-based spell that is especially good to cast on monsters, and that are trying to run away. If the group got a good tank, it will not mind the extra damage output of the monster, then this can be the best Curs. Those are all, thanks for your reading and see you next time.

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Something about your play 2010-05-31 04:06

tera gold lets us improve our levels in the game, and we can make full use of it in the fighting. We talked with enigma about this and he confirmed that it is right to do, it is been passed around among players so we can not be credited for figuring it out. There currently seems to be an issue with the shadier scathe folder located in your game data/cache directory which causes slower game performance. If you do the following you should notice an increase in overall game performance.
Including being able to alt tab or you can go between window and full screen mode considerably faster. You should also notice an increase in loading zones as well as logging into the game. You may even experience a frame rate increase during game play as we have. Open your game folder, open the data folder, and open the cache folder.
Here you will see a folder called shadier scathe, delete it. Does not worry if you delete this folder and leave nothing in cache it will remake it when you login? However, we do not want it to remake itself as that is what causing the slowdown. So do this: As we said delete the shadier scathe folder. Now create a text file, delete the.txt extension at the end of the file and rename the file to shadier scathe without the quotes.
Right click on the file you just created and go to properties. Now check the box that says read only. This will prevent the game from recreating the shadier scathe folder. Now launch spell born and enjoy your performance increase. When we spoke to Enigma he checked with the dev is and said it was ok to do this. If a GM could sticky this if it is still ok to do and let everyone know that we are not making this up that would be great Smile.

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