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Lovely leisure online games 2009-12-30 09:07

Ever Planet will be open to charm Xiaguang against the background of the new planet River Run, could explore the planet increased to three, through the second advanced can enjoy the 8 new jobs to bring the fighting fun, while the open arms and armor strengthen the systems to produce goods of professional skills, only your own My Planet system and other new systems.
The game, with everplanet gold you have to do things will be very convenient, although the moon, but also have our way of life on earth, they need everplanet online gold, and use everplanet money to buy what they want, cheap everplanet gold can only buy a small amount of products, they had better buy everplanet gold.
The game with a cute picture of casual 3D MMORPG Ever Planet is a lovely adventure theme-based online game, with cartoon character design and the performance of fairy-tale scenes, fairy-tale world, and circle-like asteroids in the Lovely role in their adventures, as the main content of the MMORPG.
Ever Planet is to portray the role of the game on the planet in a variety of topics adventure MMORPG, reflect the characteristics of the planets global perspective is its characteristic. Emphasize the characteristics of starts, allowing the player to experience as the feeling of walking on the moon is the main features of the game.
I hope you can go to try this game, it is really interesting, and it certainly will not let you feel disappointed.

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Rs brings us interesting 2009-12-24 08:57

Here is a more fun game rs, I have come to introduce the following.
Rs no money to buy runescape, there are a variety of ways, and some need professional advantage, and some do not, some of the numbers must be 60 to participate, some of a trumpet can do. These methods are started to say really lots to talk about three days and three nights, some places can go beyond that. Some of these methods are to listen to the absorption and the other over most of the practice themselves.
Money into the field to play rs gold, a copy of stolen material, a copy of brush gold coins, organization or participate in group G, the auction of the reselling of goods, reselling rare drawings, through acquisition professional to make money by producing professional make runescape gold, fishing, etc, to make money. Doom Eastern, mainly books piled up to steal, thief, and Germany will do limited talent, books piled up in various professions can open a mission statement, sneak and trick research, you and Frost Shock and so on, a very small chance of opening Epic sword out of the task book Flor's Bravo Platform buy runescape money. Like many games, like a cheap rs gold is not buy Need for equipment.
Rs is based on the theme of the ancient medieval times an online game, you need to register as a free or paying members, where each role is a real person. Rivers and lakes in the Middle-Ages, you can choose to do warrior, archer, and magician, also be selected to serve as cooks, carpenters, smelting division. In the game you will see dwarves, giants, sorcerers, monks, Savage, pirates, Vampire, lizard people, monsters, demons and various animals. There are 51 species of attack magic, magic 15 kinds of protection, 50clearance issues, five cities, a barren mainland and the numerous underground castle, constitute the entire arena.

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Karahan wonderful 2009-12-24 08:57

Karahan online gold prior to playing the game than you should be excellent, this article will take you to an interesting and beautiful world. If you are interested, I hope you do well in this game, and hope you win.
In fact, the computer simulation to establish the real world data, it is that one of the world, you can say that they are a world people can have affection for. The game are the big fish to bully small fish, small fish dried shrimp bullying rules, so Karahan gold became necessary to do a cheap Karahan gold could only get some initial equipment, Karahan money can also be obtained by playing monster, but such money very little, so my suggestion in this best is buy Karahan gold.
Play the game regardless of what type of game where the ultimate goal is either nothing more than the highest level, played the game everyone should know that martial arts K-Swiss, or rich under heaven, waving gold, such as paper, or a bunch of the Lord, command of a party either lone hero, if one man guards the pass, ten thousand are unable to get through.
In the game world, be able to see that level in the fast-promotion, put in some effort to do business, bringing a gradual warehouse is filled with food, recruiting, then your team will be growing in strength. Although the game where everything is virtual, of course, does not rule out the virtual property into real wealth of this special case, but my heart was relieved after the hard work paid, so I think the balance, so I think it fair, so that I realized that what is pay and reward is proportional to.

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Call of duty comes 2009-12-21 06:50

The game called call of duty is very fun.
The production team would like to show that the smoke Mi Man’s World War II battlefield, at the same time give the player a realistic sense of immersive, while enhancing the game one way Tele presence is the aforementioned conduct combat system gratitude for his.
This game mission system is very rich, almost every mark, there will be more than 11 small task. Sometimes players have to be disguised in the Russian investigative activities; sometimes have to support helicopter operations carried out under the team; some tasks require you to act as a helicopter machine gunner fired on the ground the enemy. Its main line will emerge as the film plot or even the same flashback shots, allowing the player exposure 15years ago, a mission.
Call of duty gold is able to purchase weapons. So cod gold is very important in it. Did you buy call of duty gold? If you have little money, then your weapons and equipment, not so well, at this time, you have to buy cod gold.
Players can choose four different nationalities will Allied troops, including from the United States infantry, mechanized troops from Canada, Tank men and the Royal Air Force specialty commando. This is actually British player in the Call of Duty expansion pack United Offensive, used in the role. All of the characters in the game has a distinctive character and ability, but also belong to the role of each of the different units and have a group of very different character, comrades. Therefore, to grasp the situation of the war is necessary to understand the characteristics of each team member. Players in the game will find that they belong to the unit’s operational results will affect the game other fraternal operations forces or allies, and the players in the game will also have the opportunity to participate in other battles with the role of met on the battlefield.

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there brought us 2009-12-21 06:49

There is a 3Dnetwork of online games, with other players, social networking. Online, and even shopping. There has been the establishment of a new software platform with a proprietary physics engine, can support multiplayer online programs, whether from consumers or to the military all have value in use.
This game will allow people to create a virtual human. The virtual people can meet with friends, shopping and play games. The game uses the Electronic Arts Inc.
However, in the game, each with a virtual character that corresponds to a real user, playing with the game than any other impression deeper. For example, these people able to move with people exchanges, such as communicating with people with eyes, sigh and blink and so on. There the company produced the game’s Andrew Dinkins, chief marketing officer, said the idea is to make virtual meetings held by the game than through instant messaging services, or Internet chat rooms to talk more realistic and more fun.
there bucks like money in our lives, we can use there gold to buy everything, you also can use RMB to buy there bucks.That, cheap there bucks only can buy a small amount of things. So, whether it is in life or the game of money are very important things.
This game is mainly to attract between 30 and 40-year-old adults, particularly women. The rules of the game have violence and have no points. In this virtual world, players can not only chat with each other, but also go shopping, sales and auction items, designing homes and clothes, to participate in dance, in rubber dinghies and the sand dunes take their vehicles to the game playing and listening to the four island music.

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Make you major changes 2009-12-19 02:34

aion gold has many advantages in the game, and much time you can see many players arguing it. But often they can change their arms or skills to get game gold, if you do not understand what I say, you can see our website, it is not only decrease money of you, but also can help you to get things that you want. This time I only tell you some skills of guardian which can make major changes in you, you need remember these tips. This article has all experiences of beating bugbears, but has nothing with PVP.
In the game there is not the strongest career, but it has only the strongest players. Directly speaking, this game is the mix of skills, guard hurt in the level 25 before the skill is not high, skills, has not hurt the high-level hack attacks. And the skills to reproduce flat cut, for example, from skills 1 to skills 2 and to skills 3 used in conjunction, then cut in the middle is not flat. However, if we do play this, for example, skills 1 to level hack, skills 2 to level hack, and to skills 3, obviously the latter is the manufacture of high damage. If you considered that need much time, in fact, you are wrong. Ok, I tell you how to make level hack into a skill level before the prompt, and this is not difficult. At the beginning of character animation by skills of killing bugbears press skills, when you hold wolf, you will see the skills of successful peace-cut injury the numbers hump out at the same time.
The key is that you need see right time, if you are slow, you will waste time, otherwise you can not send level hack. You need to practice this way, and you will find this thought is high.

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