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Novice fast leveling early Silkroad 2010-05-24 04:19

Silkroad gold gives us objectives, which are training of a wise, and master, and the first step is the establishment figures, personally think the election gun or knife is a good choice, because of the high attack, and when you want to trade in weapons can be bought again. Select road service on the good clothes, and because the road service to use spells with MP less, which is to be considered with the skills and preneed not be considered for the prevention, doze fine straw upgrade of one to five levels, the blame is not active attack, so can be a just wet, not afraid of being besieged.
The second primary task of earning one thing and pick medicine (general it should be connected to the Sun, and what name do not remember very well). You can go o the gate to fight fine straw. As long as you do not get lazy and will soon be able to rise to five levels. Back to the city you need go to buy the bow, bought dozens of dozens of red and blue. What skills to choose well? Frost! Why? For all the blood less intellectual figure, but frost can bite you in the monster before it frozen, you can rest assured of playing it without being bitten or rarely bite it, it is not easy to blame the kill.
The third step is the bow, bought a blue and red, to the east gate pock a fight weasels strange that the task, go out the east gate, they saw weasels, and close on a gun kill, much of the killing with a bow, of course, all use ice spells. More than enough blame here to experience it, it rocketed to get the eight, and then went back to the city for equipment, then medicines, pharmacists of the way, and then the task is to kill stone division.

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Chaotic Weapons Comparison 2010-05-24 04:18

Runescape Gold has different sight in this game, and we can use it to realize our thought and aims. Bandon armor which is one of the most commonly used armors in the game is stronger to crush than slash, and in most other armors the difference will be small and hardly noticeable, although the Chaotic Maul will be the new indisputably best weapon for crush, this has limited uses.
The comparison is a little off, as it assumes that item stat bonuses are all that matter for a weapon in the game. And faster weapons would also get an increased advantage from the level bonus for accuracy/strength, giving it an even greater lead over the long sword, and the same, in turn over the maul.
Or you can try this way, which are fifty attack and fifty strength and two x speeds well than one hundred attacks and one hundred powers. Because with levels it is that two plus fifty attack, and fifty strength, ninety nine attack accuracy, ninety nine strength damage better than one hundred attack, and one hundred strength, ninety nine attack accuracy, ninety nine strength damage.
Every barrows item, besides kraal by one point, and ashrams with a one hundred and fifteen def bonus is weaker to crush. Bandon has a one hundred and seventy one crush bonus, and a one hundred and seventy stab bonus, and one hundred and fifty six slash. So crush is only one better than stab. Defender is weak to crush, as stated. And in general, every plate body is weak to crush.
I like simple way to live, and this can keep me calm. If you want to buy cheapest game gold, you can come to our website to buy it, and you will reduce much money. Come on, and hope you have a good time.

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Fire output and rogue 2010-05-24 04:18

Eve isk can not only improve your fire output, but also can help you to fight with rogue, and I think you can win in this fighting. In this article, I think you must want to know about what I say, at the same time, you need make sure your attitude, and you will have a good result.
The first is about fire output, in fact, M family of firepower output point is not bad, 4, 4 artillery missiles can change the configuration of N kinds of equipment out of style, M C family boat suitable for family of players out of the second ship another race boat, C M ethnic Serbs turn to open vessels and could hold the advantage of high damage missiles. Coupled with the long-distance high-damage torpedo ejection gun, fire better than other ethnic differences. M family of Waves Typhoon 175 cubic positions, such a large capacity can solve most of the near enemy UAV attacks and it is recommended that typhoons configuration is 4 4 torpedo gun, so the high melee damage and massive unmanned torpedo can attack any enemy to tear out!
The second is about rogue, If M wants to rogue out family war is a good choice, first of all, ensure that four missiles near the equipment in order to far with the scope of any weapons to fight, the other four high operating point on the fitted with the suction and, suction power the same level of significance for the meaning of the ship is not very big, heavy-duty electric suction aspiration before a 100 call, always on the fight out of electricity around 5000, with recovery rate, so that suction power did not make much sense, and in focus, and in is often the way of life and death type, but for the M family of ships, but there are advantages, because weapons systems M family does not need electricity, C family does not need electricity, but the C family is often not enough armor defense shield strong and reasonable, C family is almost impossible to spend armor defense, and a suction coupled with 2 or 3, and an electric suction or 4 and M-clan warfare out how the terrorist! To instant collapse of the enemy out of power! Waiting for you is the mercy of the enemy.

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Something about Item Drop Hypothesis in DFO 2010-05-24 04:18

Dungeon Fighter gold can help you to win the game, we got the article for players from other site, hope you like, and you must be interested in it. Just to share our thoughts, but it just a coincidence that when we get purple drops from monsters in dungeons, such as dragon nest, it is normally in groups of three or four. There have been numerous instances when this happened to us, and we experience it in outer walls too. We only experienced this in the mode though of the king. The other day we were in second spine doing that adenoid daily quest, and when one purple dropped in a room, two more dropped near the end of the dungeon. It is just might have been a coincidence, we normally do full runs to get stuff.
Anyway, one more thing we noticed is that when somebody gets a legacy item from a pot and it gets announced, a few more follows afterwards. Must be another coincidence, but we noticed this happen a few times already on Behemoth East one. We are thinking there is something like a short time frame which seems random, where there is a higher chance for purple or green items to drop from monsters that die inside that time. They are all simple ways, and you can get good result.
Thanks fir your reading, if you have no time to level up your character, we provide the game gold with a lower price, please place an order right now. Come on, I think you can get a good result, not only attend in a team, but also you can make great progress. If you have other questions, or want to buy some cheap gold, you can come here to buy them.

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High House Selection Guide 2010-05-10 04:30

tera gold can give you a good way to go, and I think you can do well in this game. If you want to get information that we got it from other site, you may improve quickly, if you are interested in this guide, and you will like it. In fact, it is basic for you, and you will understand to learn it.
This guide is for you having trouble deciding which High House to ally with in The Chronicles of Spell born. House Rune craves knowledge in any form, and they can achieve aims what they want. Initially a part of the Dead spell Alliance, House Rune decided to stay with the remaining Houses instead, for too much they had changed that needed to proper research first, and we would have important found in this part.
As the Great Collapse had shifted the magical spectrum, House Rune initially focused on rediscovering the essence of magic that had changed so fundamentally, leading many to think that House Rune consists solely out of mages. Instead they consist out of scholar in every field. Whether they are warriors, spell casters or rogues. We provide things for you if you need. Those who want to propel their profession into the future usually join House Rune and help support the fountain of knowledge that springs within their ranks.
To Rune knowledge is what will drive the Enclave forward. That knowledge can come at a price, but House Rune is very willing to pay each and every copper for it. It is just simple experience, you only need learn how to use, and you will make some progress in this game or during the fighting. Come on, as a player, many things happen according to small and simple ways, if you have paid attention, and you will hold many chances.

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My thoughts about details guidance 2010-05-10 04:29

Silkroad gold I have in this game is very popular to our players, but I can use other way to get it. As a new player, I need tell you some thoughts which are useful for you to play and avoid some difficulty. In fact, I have told you the two former, now I only need say next, but you need pay attention to them, which are same important.
The third is lethal, and this is the same effect and accurate factors. This determines the frequency of play attacks, so with the close combat career necessarily we need a highly lethal weapon. Since the storms hit a double attack, for the PK, the fatal blow. And accurate is the exact equivalent of the above rate of attacks, it is critical out the words to beat bugbears, accurate and the higher the frequency the more the word out, because occupational factors, the highest accuracy the bow, so a high crit. Want to point out that, pure magic and deadly accurate career is invalid, so the election gun as long as the Magic Master scouring high and their magic weapons, high on the list.
The fourth is to escape, which is essential for the storms hit, and if you avoid the high, lethal and accurate on your opponent rate of attacks will be greatly reduced. Arms are differences. Weapons from the strange to play down the body, is basically a one attack, a difference of about five percent, so please select weapons in contrast, have to compare, or you can add one with the no weapons to attack white people high. Red arms are the most difficult to grasp, because there is increased chance of above factors, such as weapons add 1, the success rate of ninety percent, if the red 1 fails, the next up arms to increase the success rate of ten percent, while the higher grade weapons such as 5 to 6, failure is only the success rate of increase for the next five percent, so this is the hardest weapon Silk l bottleneck.

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