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FF11 From A to C 2010-04-12 04:32

I first play FF11 was in introduction of my friends and I did not know how to play or how to earn ffxi gil, so I played an engineer in A. But in the later, I found that grade is not the most important in this game but is PT. Buy FFXI Gil is also useable. After that, I played a shield war, and called blood Mount. The friend in the new solar system may know me. At that time, I still did not pay attention that practice PT to 41 was also a waste and get little Cheap ffxi gil. But I have to say that practicing grades together with them was happy, they are Violence Innocent little sheep, G, Empire iron guard and so on. And especially is Empire iron guard, I do not know what is the meaning of his name. But I was very grateful for his care to me. It can be said that he has great help to me, but unfortunately I did not know how to practicing grades. So under the suggestions of my friends, I decided to give up A, and went to the C with the friend in A From then on, I stared my life in the C. I was a master in C, drawing on the experience in A, now I treat practicing PT for the most important and upgrading in the second place. I combined three repairs, soldiers, long-range and master together to practice. Although it is very tired, these sacrifices are award for the strong in later time. At about 30, I went into the Shore Church trade unions; I have got lots of ffxi gil for sale at that time. All the people in it are friendly and we are very harmonious. I felt warmth in the union, and I also get to know the friend Qing now, he gave his small E and much Final Fantasy XI gil sell to me when he ex-turning and back. At last, I would like to say that every friend can be happy in FF11.

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Everplanet Bow 2010-04-12 04:32

Everplanet and buy everplanet gold is the first and the last online games I played. The game brought me more happiness than sadness. I miss the past time very much and I will come to have a look when I feel boring. But I can not find the feelings of the past now. When I thought about the past, I will have a smile, though I do not know the reason. I have spent my feelings on it, and the players who are like me must have spent a lot of everplanet gold on it. Maybe this is why Everplanet so attracting, this game can meet your conceit. Death and can not be resurrected is even unacceptable to the players who play RPG games. But Everplanet has the power making you change this kind of view. For games, I always first look at its visual experience, then is everplanet online gold. From the first day I played Everplanet I fell in love with bow, I always felt that the image of bow has tact and wisdom which the players lacked, and helped you earn more cheap everplanet gold. And when you played for more time, you will find another advantage, it is a battlefield killer. In my eyes, I always compared bow to be the role of the rich flavor of the petty bourgeoisie in society. It was always pursuit something that it can not get in its life. But if you give it a choice, it will give a wonder back to you. Somebody who is familiar with bow always knows there are two playing methods. When the other occupation players showing off their techs, it will give them a suddenly fight by its own attack power. But after the four-turn, the only can make IF sets afraid is the fight of bow. Now the bow has no features, the only place can use it is when you get to 10, it can be a warehouse, but has no everplanet money. Bow has gone to the end of its life.

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Silkroad Online Farming Monsters 2010-04-06 07:15

Silkroad gold has unlimited energy which can help us to play the game, and also we can use it to achieve what we think. Now I am very pleasure that you can some to see what I write, if there are some mistakes or wrong ways, please tell me, and I will try to change and make great progress.
This build can farm white monsters or orange if you have good weapon, forget about 1 hit 1 kill. You do not need that and will not give you faster exp/sp as you kill green monsters. You can farm same level mobs too easy with no problem, but you need to have your skills first. So I do not suggest farming at eighteen or twenty three that is not good.
In addition, about farming Chinese monsters high levels you will find a lot of butters especially pure nukes that will always kiss you and make you a tanker for them that is will turn farming into shitty thing. You need to know where to find no butter area and good spawn at the same time.
But for me farming at solders, warriors, bongs, and sun sung is the best three places to farm. There is no butters at them, have very good spawn rate, have good drops rate, good alchemy drops, your mastery level will be suitable to start farming. You can choose where to farm from these 3 places or farm some time in each that is will be fun.
Some simple idea occur, hope it can help you, and we can improve in some time. We need often get some result according to what we face and we do, and than we can decrease much difficulty. At the same time, we need make full use of the money, and we can not live without it.

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Finish the task of green military counselor easier 2010-04-06 07:15

Runescape Gold can provide recruiting for you, at present, many cottages are in recruiting, if you are courageous enough to join efforts to deal with these cottages, and I think you will have great respect. They sent military counselor in the recruitment of Sagittarius County, engaged in clandestine activities, from the morally speaking, and that they are dealing with is not good behavior, and this way will reduce your character. Grade which we demand is not lower than sixty, and each receiving tasks require consumption of five points in character. You can receive tasks in some green military counselor who ask you to collect arms supplies, and you need to do according to their requirements. When you find the corresponding material to the green military counselor, you will finish it.
The key needs five materials, and now I tell you details. The first is to find armor which is in the head, neck, body, hand care, shoes, belts, or rings. The second is to find weapons, and we can choose it from the five kinds of occupations. The third is to find the jewelry and it maybe in necklace, or jewelry. The forty is to find medicine, and we can search it from drugs from attack, defense, hitting, mental, and smart. The last is important that evading capture the animal must summon the race with the specified skills and generic skills.
Every time there is likely to trigger task highwaymen robbery events, tasks, seven times for one. Each time we access to a lot of experience, experience with the task of increasing the number of times. There was a chance for each completed Lineup books, legends masks, advanced formulas. Triggered by highwaymen robbed the event you can go to exterminate them, and get a good reward. Tasks need to consume each character, and you can use other tasks, or accumulation of character with a novice. The higher the reward the more tasks to the back, so do not give up half-way task, but you can spend money in exchange for a new task, the task had the same number of rings, each for a task consumes 10 points.

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Begin to earn money after learning courses 2010-04-06 07:15

Eve isk which is our favorite helps you to pass some original keys, and you can enter into the high level. Come on, my players, I think you can do well with your own way, on your way to play the game, you will see an egg ball in the middle, and you are not familiar with the surrounding environment. There is not afraid of voice like younger sister telling how to do that, and that is equivalent to tutorials. We must read the tutorial as a new player, if you are not newcomers who can not see this course, and you are one hundred percent sure that newcomers can be sure to read the tutorial, in accordance with tutorial done. I think you can not be afraid of stuffy and tiring, and this is your basis for your future development.
It is very good to finish this tutorial, and then start making money. There are ways to make money too, but only the most suited way to their method was the best. Because earn fast, must have a risk, what risk that the explosion vessel, what is the explosion boat, it is that the loss is that a lot of money. Then there are several ways to do that, first, the mining, low cost, the risk of not too great, only couples, but the miners boring. The second engaged in transport, to sell cheap where to go other places, but now many people, profit poor. Third, do the task, do right track, and go to the local multi point try to find a few more agents, both good and bad. The money to do the task, some products, there are reputation, and loyal, very good. Fourth, playing pirates, make money the fastest, but the greatest risk, be careful explosion vessel.
Let me say buy a boat, novice boat after the money, to replace. Frigate is the only option. You can change after destroyers, destroyer, frankly there is some value, but is really a standard, relatively speaking with scrap metal from the far away.

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Judo a small question 2010-04-06 07:15

Dungeon Fighter gold which I use to play in the game makes great progress, and I also want to gather more. As everyone knows these are only my writing, after playing judo, some small thoughts, not necessarily all right, if it is wrong, and please give me some more advice.
Do not know if you are not aware of the blood of a lot of judo, my equipment is star pro sets, with academics, sage, rabbits necklace, eternal, garbage gloves, I am fifty eight, when the blood has more than four thousand six hundred, I have a red eye so a knife over the blood level is only more than four thousand eight hundred friends, and his equipment is bamboo, sage, rabbits necklace, eternal, HL, angry soul sets. We have not enchanting, fashion, and no increase in blood. There seems to be the blood of judo have filled more than the red eyes fighters falling just short of points, as if the blood does not king less than judo.
I think we all know, according to the circumstances of their employment with the soldiers fighting under the occupational HP how much. Judo brush chart so much blood, body surgery time for invincible, so strong vitality. Also I wanted to know that this skill to restore the speed of a relationship with what is fixed, or with the speed of the attack or the release of the speed of the relationship between. Please conducted under the test a friend to help answer.
Help each other in the game, we will make some progress quickly, and we also can get many experiences. If we are alone, we will be easy to lose some friend, even more chance. So we try best to share with things with each other, and we must be luck in the game.

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