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Make full use of this farm 2010-03-22 06:04

tera gold helps me work out questions, and it is fine that let me make full use of this farm. How much spend do I have to be full farmed tell level 80? Well it depends on our char, use the link below to cost how much spend our new char needs tell level 80.
for me I farmed 300k sp in 3 weeks, then when I had the 300k sp , I began to make 0 gap all the way and I have all the sp I need tell the end, cause all know how its hard to farm when you reach over level 45, it takes a lot of time, so I shared this idea to let all have fun in the game, and all be high levels and go to forests war, but if you saw me there, you better you run. How I can make this farming so fast? Ok I tell you how I was using my other char, a boot knuckler, and to make it so fast, I make a multi party! What is a multi party?
that mean I c another guy bottling at bongs beside me and I ask him if we can make a multi party, that mean I invite him and the other guys he leveling them so I will have 2 pullers me and him, so I take much sp cause both of us fighting bongs on 2 spots. That is all about farming so fast, and do not forget, the most good sp you will have is from level 20 to 29 while our highest mastery 9. Then after you reach the planned sp, you just go always 0 gaps tell level 80, no wasting times in farming later, because you will have the entire sp tell the end.

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Law enforcement is the best playing career 2010-03-15 06:40

aion gold plays an important part in the game which is our favorite, in this area, we need pay attention to it, and than we can get many things that we want. Last article, I have taught how to kill other role of the game and something that we need focus on. I think you can understand those experiences, which are gotten by many better players, and they like to share with you.
This time this is my own experience, if you feel it is not truth, you can put it into fact to prove, and I think you can get a surprised result. As soon as you see law enforcement, you need directly on the state to kill him without words, or you may lose some good chance. Personally I feel that law enforcement is the best playing career, because up till now I really have not played with stronger law enforcement. Than we you see the treatment, the state, stealth starting hands, kill Italian attack, immediately descent, three with wild beasts, air burst, and then fill the beating afraid to blink, he added, other skills are not afraid here, it is important to the use of descent, and descent in the land, then almost every time vertigo, which is on the skills of a break.
This is a rookie play therapy, comparing the treatment of cattle would give them depends on your capability. Mainly depends on the operation of your consciousness, to kill star is mainly connected smooth skills, and the responses, there are one hundred kinds of games are played to kill star, this is my game.
That my way is to fight with different roles, and I think it is useful, I think you can get a good result from it, good luck to you. If you have some experiences, please share with me, and I also want to make progress.

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Distinguishing Between Player Thieves and NPC Thieves 2010-03-15 06:39

wyd gold sends you to enter into high level in the game, in condition that you have enough ability to fight with bugbears or enemies, and you will face other different scenes. Now I teach you a way to distinguishing between player thieves and NPC thieves, and I think you can find some good way to settle your problem.
Player thieves have a name and a small purple thief icon next to their name. An NPC thief is simple called Thief and has no such icon. Both wear thief suits. Both player thieves and NPC thieves have their own unique hazards and strategies for dealing with them. I will try to outline a few of the basics in this guide, but some of them you will have to learn from experience.
- Dealing with Thieves -
The pile of Universal Pills I suggested purchasing earlier is to counter the abilities of thieves encountered on your trade routes. NPC thieves have elemental attacks, much like other players. These can cause problems, such as freezing or burns, so use the pills to remove these rebuffs. Thieves generally spawn next to or behind your caravan, so keep an eye open over your shoulder to see if you are being pursued. Also, keep this in mind when following other caravans, as their thief spawns may target you instead. Thieves typically spawn after a certain amount of time, so if you sit down to rest, is aware that a thief may spawn while you are resting. Thieves will generally attack the target nearest to them, so if you run past your transport to attack the thief, expect that the thief will change targets and come after you. If you are an archer you may be able to take advantage of this behavior and use your transport as a meat shield.
If you anticipate a lot of thief problems because of a high star rating, you should hire one or more hunters. A hunter job is to kill thieves, plain and simple. It is quite fun to watch them from the comfort of a transport, so you may enjoy shelling out the extra cash for a show along the way. Making sure you have adequate protection will secure your investment.

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Experience of making game gold 2010-03-15 06:39

worldedition gold that make easier and easier, to see you earn. In this I talk about the next person make money ideas. This is useful for every player, it is really good way and you need value it.
Now the server will always reward player skill roll, become almost every person, so keep the prices down is every powerful. Spotted the timing of the volumes will be cheaper to buy over, to the server when the suspended prices will certainly rises at high volume sales. This is the market seeking difference, there is a way to make game money to the game updated every day materials, synthetic stones are soaring, if all the stones enough in no hurry to sell, you can put less, because a long time, easy to sell the backlog, to take place again a lot of game Gold, there is that other people see you playing a lot of material cheaper than him, he would demand a lower price, so that will lower prices, come to naught. Sell synthetic case decided to open a stone to sell, a synthetic box about 12000 sometimes a stone can probably 14000 to open a box of two stone, the price is average price for all zones for reference. If the player made equipment or white fitted into the auction house do not sell directly to Columbus, where sold, where the players selling price than the market price high price, plus 2 plus 4 that can be combined money selling.
Protagonist is the rifle I feel in order to update, or a special approach to the task step by more than 400 millions but how long it takes to do one step, we know very well the psychological. Come on, I think you have enough abilities to achieve it, and also you can share it with your friends.

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Life is higher than anything 2010-03-15 06:39

tera gold keeps us live in this game, maybe you feel wrong, in fact it is true, only see how to do. Although rules are smooth, but we can create our value, nothing is wrong in this world, we only can do things by ourselves, and we need pay much attention to our thought. Now I tell you some way to save yourself, and I think you can do well in this part, because life is higher than anything. If you are killed during a trade run, you will have to hope for a resurrection from another player or from someone in your caravan. Try to avoid death at all costs. Without a trader, a transport will not go anywhere, and will often suffer the same fate as its owner unless you have reinforcements or someone lends assistance.
If you are in the middle of a trade route, you are probably better off waiting for a resurrection from another player. If you are close to your res point you can resurrect yourself and run (or ride, a horse of course, not a trade transport) and try to recover your goods. If you were close to your destination when you were killed, you can take a calculated risk: resurrect and teleport there, then run to your goods and collect them. Both waiting for a res and running back are risky as a thief may steal your goods.
If you see thieves around, you may as well release and get a fresh shipment rather than wasting time trying to recover a partial shipment, unless the shipment was very large. Some thieves may be afraid to pick up too many goods so they may leave some or all of yours behind. If you have to run back, do not summon your transport until you reach the spot where you died. Also, avoid thieves along the way. A trader without a transport is vulnerable to attack by player thieves.

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The simple route of practicing level 2010-03-08 05:56

Asda Story gold needs you to choose old at the top of that region and the valley of the lower right of that immortality, and my personal proposed first is that die land. Ran all the way to pick up two camps in light of all tasks, and then to light. To the remaining tasks in this region are white exclamation points in.
Almost forty three of you to continue to do old at the top of the region, this region has several small copies, of which there is a small copy of the strange brush quickly get game gold is not bad, if the task is not enough to upgrade, can serve as a transition. Although the appropriate level of immortality, but the land is not suitable brush strange pvp server upgrades. The reason is simple. Back to the old light made after all the tasks requested the brush to forty five. The task is not enough to this level. Several tasks should be finished, and I think you can do well in this time.
Explained, first of all there should be a black skull task, real icon wrong. Do not walk, by the icon on the left marked the resurrection point of fact, in the region next to the left in the blood pool. Marked on the right of an empty field in this region of re-turn right. There is a soldier for you, and his mission to find the task will not kill all the strange, entered immediately after the stairs, can not kill do not come to kill, or else the next stage of the task you will find that there is not enough to blame falling. Because the copy will not be refreshed, another copy, allows you to kill individuals. Results 2 floor to the top of the building that Fujiko display subtitles, but there is no point of gear.

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