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Journey murder 2010-03-08 05:56

aion gold sends us into stealth over cracks to release points, the most importance is that we should not be too hidden, and almost secret is exposed. They roaming the land to see more people on the state, which means that distinction, do not open killing and stealth are killing in the past to open this feelings or surprise. The descent, long distance patterns, dizziness off, and no death were too stronger.
The fist is to see guard, if we do not grasp the flash, there is sure on the last, I have the last to see him guarding the hidden equipment is too gorgeous to flash people, more trash, they can still play. He opened a suit of armor that we run, consumption of death, he was caught eating yellow water and then run, do not run away of the state your water and then run, do not run away of the state your equipment really well, ran off slowly, and so a suit of armor did not rush to go to kill him in running, so he was grinding die.
The second is to see the wizard, this is not to say, if it was lost to attack the wizard and then there is no solution. The third is to see killing star, there is some way like the guard play, killing star that do not have balance sword will not lose, unless his equipment is the rather most strongest.
The forth is to see bow star, this career annoyed, if you do not kill him, and then that you wanted to run is difficult, but under normal circumstances. I think that you did not run out of a set of skills, and he was in end early. The same stealth, he intended to kill immediately behind the surprise attack on the opening. The descent, long distance patterns, dizziness off. On the wild beasts, aerial bombardment, no death, then fill the beating, pay attention and open to avoid jumping, jump break descent, to avoid breaking patterns blast.

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Be ready for doing things for self 2010-03-08 05:56

wyd gold show its own ability to help players when fighting, killing bugbears or enemies is so cool, but we must do it, or we will be a dead man if we are weak. My means is that we need do things for us when we face trouble, and we must be careful.
After you create your Alias, you are ready for jobbing! All that is left is buying your trader flag or hunter ID. Even if you have one from before the Legend I Update, I suggest you replace it because the new job items have a 1Str or 1Int bonus (not that much but you should use every help you can). When you are done buying it for a mere ten thousand gold, just equip it to start jobbing.
There are a few rules for equipping job items tough. You can only do it on towns. When you try to equip it, it will take 10 seconds to equip. After you do, you will be teleported to the same town you were at when you equipped (so that your identity is protected, because now you will be with an Alias). You can not equip the job item if you are on a regular player party, and you can not join regular player party after you equip it as well. You will be able only to join a party marked as Trade on the party match.
To unique the job item, it is the same process. It takes 10 seconds too unequipped, can only be done in towns, you will be teleported and all and you can not do it while on a Trade party. You also cannot unequipped if you are with a transport (trade camel and horse) and oddly enough, you cannot unequipped if you are riding a racing horse, probably to prevent an earlier bug that you could move while enquiring and make other players murderer.

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Transaction lines 2010-03-08 05:55

worldedition gold has an unusual power in the game, we can not see it lowly, otherwise we will have some cost which is creasing in future time, and we can teach you to do well in transaction.
Have all the traders move while one of them leads. The leading one should be an experienced trader tough not necessarily the one with the most levels. The hunters should move close and surround the traders guarding them from any thieves that spawn. The traders should try not having to fight, since they are the main target of the thieves. The best would be so that the traders did not have to dismount the camel at all during the trip, while the hunters alone take care of the NPC thieves.
Should the camel die, all goods and the trader him/herself will be scattered on the ground, forcing the whole caravan to a halt. That 21 second rule comes from the old days, but now it extends to your party members and your hunters probably need to kill everything nearby, you would best leave the party to resume quickly. After the camel is resuming, the trader can pick up the scattered goods one by one, and then rejoin the party so the caravan can go on.
Arriving on the destination, all a trader has to do is go to the Specialty Shop and sell the goods there. The longer the distance between the Specialty Shops, the more profit is obtained. The best profit route would be Jungian. Constantinople, but that is a very long way and also risky. When the trader arrives at the shop, he just has to click the Sell All button on the transports inventory and watch the inventory cash grow. It is also common courtesy to ask the hunters to open their inventories to see their income as well.

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Start jobbing 2010-03-02 04:30

Silkroad gold which we make full use in the game acts an important role when we fight, and we need master right points to achieve what we think. Pay attention to some skills, than we can make some news that is valuable, and our team can finish this job well.
The first thing you must do before starting a job now is to decide which one you will be. A trader buys the goods and sells them elsewhere for profit, while the hunters protect them from the NPC Thieves and Player Thieves that might want to take the goods away. Needless to say, those of lower level might prefer being a trader to be protected by the high level hunters, still the choice is yours to make.
When you decide which job you will act, go to the respective association somewhere in town. That is the Merchant Union for traders and the Hunter Guild for hunters. The Hunter Guild is displayed on the map, while the Merchant Union is close to the Specialties Shop (which in turn is displayed on the map). When you get to the NPC you were looking for, talk to him and chose the option Join the union. That should be the second option. From this point on, you cannot change your job easily anymore without suffering heavy penalties that include 7 days with no job and a sum of gold.
After you join the union, you have to create an Alias. That will be the false name that will identify you while you are jobbing. Think a lot on creating one, because after you create it, it is expensive to change it again. Talk to the NPC and chose to create an Alias. Type your desired Alias on the small text box and click on Check for duplicates. In case that name is allowed, the Confirm button will highlight and you can press it. If it is not allowed, the confirm button will stay gray and you will have to try another Alias.

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The failure of the devil 2010-03-02 04:30

Runescape Gold can keep us in a safe situation, no one can refuse this thing, even more we can go to attack enemies, so that we need make full use of this gold and value it. In much time it can settle problems, of course, it can help us pass some traps, and we need be careful to face it. I will tell you the advantage, I think you will be very interested in this part, and that is the looting town.
The looting the town and team skills on the power, I played three numbers, each job is played, and find most of unity must be evil, and second is, once again is the magic.
First is what robbed sky array, the devil grabbed sky the number of array pathetic, why do people shorter? Days every time we force the people into a minority, mainly on our side of the heart is incomplete, and will not be playing with the individual heroism Obviously, a red into the middle of town, wherever there is a need? When you enter the middle, you need be first to work with evil, of course, and we would be eaten. Another point is that can not withstand the temptation, others a long-range players to harass and let us know, we have begun to catch on, and suddenly the team with extremely long, so the need to do, he was only one person they have a long-range attack players that we did not? Close combat player plus you run over people a twenty percent rate of long-range players do? Run, however, run chase, but also what the teams honestly stay inside.
At the beginning of the harassment of stations for long-range distance, the soldiers when the shield on the list. Close combat teams ran out of players not too far from the beginning is also less than melee players, and a fight started basically harassing warfare, we first Do not go to the middle of red, first time together, etc. is estimated that only about 2 minutes while the other two forces have also played almost in the number of people take a look at our side, and their numbers as much, if we are together to the center, then killing.

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Tanks job of Eve 2010-03-02 04:30

Eve isk provides a floor for us to play, we can make full use of it, and then our arms have been gathering for our best. I think as players, we have some friends, and they can help us to pass some trouble. During most situations, we can learn skills from them who have many experiences, and we can also buy cheap arms. Only see that what we can do, and we need argue for some chances. Tank is the most important in a party, we need value it. As a member in the team, we have some rules which we need obey, and otherwise, we maybe out of this part. If the tank is dying, well then the party will be dying. Here are some tips about tanks job.
Tanks job is that tanks must use taunt two lure mobs never charge or walk towards a mob, I think you can operate well, and we can make great progress. Now I will tell you from one step to another, if you will do not understand what I say, and you can ask me to introduce in part time. But you need remember these tips, and most of them are useful for you to play.
1) Make the mob come to you
2) Never leave the tanking area
3) If a mob heads for healers/nurses, it should be decided ahead of time which tank will taunt those mobs
4) Keeping mobs distracted is top priority
5) Always have backup NPC gear, just in case your gear gets damaged
6) Only use kb to protect healers/nurses
Game gold is on hot sale at the moment at our website. We always have much gold for sale. We promise that our price is the lowest. We also sale game money service, you will obtain the best service and the fast delivery. If you have more guides, welcome to post here.

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