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I added my point of area power 2010-03-02 04:29

Dungeon Fighter gold must keep enough when we fight with enemies, and we can get it from different ways. Many parts are that we face different difficulties, we can not drop up them, otherwise we will be considered as weak men, and we will be alone. Now I will share with this experience, and I think you can get what you need.
When I play light power masters, brush diagram when the room is basically small bugbears big waves and Magic explosion and Ray back to solve, very relaxed, very provincial blue. I cower, afraid to fight, so they play is a set of daunting. Jin room, first a wave, and then went before the release BOSS hood, and then balls. Magic came alive again in violence, if the BOSS can adopt to put mine back and then put the dragon fist and can not hold on the dragon fist direct release, this time came alive again in a big wave, Y-axis away, while other side of the next release hood release waves and Magic burst. Plus point is that, as commitments, to study air waves, shell, Lei back, magic burst, and got gas around, she has read over guns. Brontosaurus in the case of a sense of power output of good, and the hood removed without breaking the factors that hit attack well. Lion encounter major resistance, or a special BOSS is a halo, gone. Moreover, there is no avoiding it hit. Because I play it according to its own set of skills, and I think how to use these two. Everyone has his own style of play, as long as they used to say that someone good so why not? There is a dragon and tiger dropped the issue, I have met there are BOSS line of blood coupled with a sense of power over circumstances, a read-wave, or dragon fist build, can occur dropped, so the blame was also hit When there is a line put a small number of skills to play just fine.

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The forest of wizard 2010-02-22 06:51

Atlantica online Gold can help players pass some difficulty when we meet danger, especially we can learn some knowledge from fighting, and even more from cooperation. Every player in the game need pass different kinds of tests, no one want to die in the way to success, and we should make full use of this chance in order to operate some skills. In future we can put it into truth, and we can also avoid some danger. Now you can pay attention to my words, and you will get some points from this talk.
The first task is to see information, when you come into the forest of wizard, and than you need go to see the some player to took on the task, the first requirement of the task is to see information in view of intelligence in the people, click on the view automatically find the task button on the right path, you can finish the job. The second task is to ask you go to collect ten wizard powders, and you can get them from near small wizards that are butterfly shaped, but you need play them to drop powders. When you finish this task, some player would want to take you to see her uncle, and than you need finish his task and come back. The third task is to collect ten armor debris contaminated, her uncle ask you to finish this task and than you can come back to report. You need go to wait for that hell pawns and hell devil soldier fall ten armor debris contaminated, this words you need remember, and otherwise you may lose some chance to finish his task.
These three tasks are rather easy, I think you can succeed finishing it, but also I will tell you others next time, and many other troubles are waiting for you to finish it. Come on, we will win these game and enter into facing another challenges.

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Devil lighting ideas and refresh the luck light of new laws 2010-02-22 06:51

aion gold has an unusual ability to achieve tasks, during many times, we can make decisions by it, and we need make full use of it. I think it is like dollars in society, it is very valuable, and we try our bests to finish it. We are a human in these surroundings, and we need give a hand to each other who is our friends. Now I talk about my experience about devil lighting ideas according to my views, hope it can help you.
Small fishing has been working hard for six days, and get out ten marks, I will tell you some rules how I get these points, but I also hope that you are able to say that finding some laws of their own refreshing new lighting. During normal time, I only say two points, the first is Brewster good link, leap the tribes above normal in the morning, that puddle of nine to eleven clock and this time of refreshing. Ten in the six, where mining and in one double line the same brush.
The second is Brewster good link, lament that skeleton inside the cliff is generally fifteen to five and this time would be brush. I do not know why this point and so on that point than the leap of people who want to more clearly point where the return is far much better, not understand. Well, small fishing I just found these two points, principles and we hope everyone to discuss the discussion.
I think many players have own ideas to playing the game and win the fighting, I only hope get some points from you, and I think by this way we can enter into high level. At the same time, we can get some friendship from help, we are not alone, but we can gather many people who have strong hearts, and we can realize things that we hope.

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Build Your Own House 2010-02-22 06:50

4story Luna in the online game can build our own house. Here is a guide on the house. It very useful, and it is not my work, I brought it here from the other website. Hope you will enjoy the game. Now, just north of rimming ton you should see a glowing purple portal. This is how you can enter your newly bought land, build your house and visit friends.
General news you will know is useful, I think you can make full use of it, and also we can learn things from each other, than we can improve together. In fact, in society, we need help each other and pass some danger, and otherwise, we may lose in some unable surroundings. When you click on it, you will see a list of all the options, similar to this:
From here, you can go to your house: brings you to your own house. In this mode, you can not build any furniture, and this is how other players will see your house. Go to your house which is building Mode: game gold brings you to your house, and allows you to build furniture, rooms, and interact with the objects that make up your home. You can not edit your house any other way. Remember: if you have set a PIN for your bank, you will also need to enter it when going to your house in Building Mode.
Go to a Friend House: type in your friend name to enter his or her house. As long as they are in their house, not in building mode, and they are allowing other players to enter that is explained in just a bit, you will be able to go to their house with some game money. To leave a player owned house, just go back through the portal.

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Wonder King Guide on Fighting 2010-02-22 06:50

WonderKing zed affords great efforts to this game, many players are also able to get much more, in fact, it is easy, and we can earn it by our hands, without anything to change. That group will win if an entire group runs into battle and does not hesitate. But if you see the enemy and pause, someone else will pause and the chain is endless. There are certain times that hurtling is a viable option, like when you are in a room with 1 entry point. And you are greatly out numbered. Like a Keep Defense! Not a scenario! Never turn around and run to a healer if you are a tank your goal is to die. The time you waste doing that you could have gotten a reset and the healer would not have your former attackers on them. Get in the battle and fight until you die, rebuffing and buffing as many things as you can.
As a general rule, know your healing limits, if you know you are going to die do not turn around, continue to fight, the more you pull from following you the more the back line is going to suffer.
If you see a ranged class stop and you are melee, do not stop too, they are letting you get ahead to take the focus and game gold off of them because you can handle more.
If you are a healer you have to choose who lives and dies, if you focus on everyone they will all die, if you focus on a few they will live and chances are they will protect the others. Run screaming into the battlefield, you may die but your team will win, and if your healers are worth anything you will get gold or money when it is safe.

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Supplies are needed to be prepared under normal circumstances 2010-02-08 08:09

Lineage 2 Adena can buy supplies which are our demand, we can prepare them for us during the fighting under normal circumstances, and we can keep it enough. I think you must like it, and we can have enough strong body. The game is simple, but we need obey its rule, otherwise we may be out of the game.
Soul elastic and blessing of the diamond bomb are the first, it might be asked, why not diamond shells. Because enhancement of the effectiveness and power production costs, the diamond is relatively not worth the kind of bombs. So I do not recommend the production and use diamond bombs. The uses of two bombs on heaven are like an arrow with a bow, carrying the truth in general. Although not mandatory, but it is essential. So, usually the first statistics to see if they can consume about half an hour, the number of rounds, and then this time would probably be how much time is spent on the practice levels, the approximate calculation of the amount required to carry.
The second is physical healing potion and magic bullet, and you need make full use of it. During the fighting, we need pay attention to the body. Although the healing medicine that stores the effect is very small, while the cure for family effect, although better than the former but with re-use time limit. However, it is necessary with the two essential. But the life-saving use the crucial moment. Field region is very common herbs fall and high probability. However, the specific type of fall is completely random. Case can not be the normal supply, which prepared the syrup, but played a key role and can not because the monsters do not drop the herbs you want to end bar on the dies. We can see that this is the right roles the ability to elevate the status of the auxiliary. Assisted the state in general there will be time-sensitive, time will disappear after the auxiliary state, then the role of the ability to return to normal state.

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